Coin Clash
SuperJoy Studios creates a new map to put a new twist the the Tycoon style maps in UEFN. Introducing a new bounty system for players to compete in, it needed something that captivates the players but still keep it fun and exciting.
Brand design
Motion graphics
3D Modeling
Motion Graphics
The map needed to build up it's hype before release so creating something to tease the audience with leading up to launch day was successfuly done with a quick motion graphic teaser.
In-Game Graphics
To aid the player's experience, graphics were created and placed around the map to help the players navigate and understand the mechanics of the game.
Icons were created for each of the activities and terrains in the map while also keeping it visually interesting and similar to the brand's visual direction.
Social Media Assets
Directing the audience to play this map on Fortnite would be one of the most important aspects to its launch. The streaming assets like Twitch Carousel, Twitch Panels, and Lower Thirds previewing the map's code were all part of the kit.

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